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North San Jose Dr. Sinsay Dentures

If you have lost several of your teeth, or all of them, North San Jose restorative dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay can create a comfortable denture to improve your smile and enable you to eat comfortably. At Sinsay Family Dental we understand the difficulties of missing teeth, and our restorative dental team works professionally and compassionately to bring back your confidence and ability to easily eat and smile. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours: to make you comfortable laughing, talking, and eating with your friends and family.

Dentures come in three varieties.

Partial Dentures North San Jose

Partial dentures replace multiple teeth, but not an entire arch. Partial dentures are usually secured clasps that hook around some of the remaining teeth. Partial dentures clip in position, and can easily be popped out for cleaning. Although North San Jose restorative dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay takes great care to create a beautiful new smile with partial dentures, your existing teeth remain. If your existing teeth are discolored, crooked, or malformed, this may impact the aesthetic dental result–but the critical functional and restorative dentistry goals have still been achieved.

Full Dentures North San Jose

Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, such as all of your upper teeth or lower teeth. Full dentures are custom-made by experienced dental lab technicians to perfectly match the contours of your gum tissue. This personalized and tight fit enables full dentures to be secured by suction, and if needed by a simple denture adhesive. Full dentures can also be easily removed for cleaning. North San Jose restorative dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay creates full dentures to create a perfect, balanced, radiant smile. In addition to restoring your natural bite and chewing ability, the full dentures at Sinsay Family Dental also restore your youthful smile.

Modern Dentures Are Better than Ever

Technological has significantly improved the look and fit of dentures. Today’s dentures are comfortable, secure, natural-looking, and very attractive. North San Jose restorative dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay is very experienced in denture placement and invites you to explore how dentures can benefit your oral health and social confidence.

Dentures are one of several restorative dental options to replace missing teeth. North San Jose restorative dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay is trained and experienced in placing dental bridges as well as dentures. During your consultation and restorative dentistry evaluation at Sinsay Family Dental, we will determine your oral health, your restorative options, and the different means of restoring your bite, smile, and self-confidence.

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