Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening North San Jose

A Beautiful Smile Is An Important Asset!

North San Jose Dr Sinsay Sinsational Smile

Whiter teeth enhance your smile and make your feel more confident about your overall appearance. Because teeth discolor with age, white teeth and a bright smile often make you look younger. This simple, painless, affordable path to whiter teeth takes just twenty minutes with the Sinsational Smile teeth whitening process.

The Sinsational Smile Whitening Method

Sinsational Smile Teeth Whitening uses a patented silicone tray that is pre-filled with unique teeth whitening gel. The special tray allows your jaw to remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the 20 minute teeth whitening procedure at Sinsay Family Dental. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay then uses a special LED accelerating light to activate and increase speed of Sinsational Smile’s teeth whitening gel. The results are brilliant; at Sinsay Family Dental you leave with a brighter smile in just twenty minutes. To help you maintain whiter teeth, North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay will provide you with a Sinsational Smile take-home whitening pen, which you can easily use at night to maintain your smile’s beauty.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Based on your current coloration and how white you ultimately want your teeth to become, you may be able to achieve your ideal smile in one visit at Sinsay Family Dental, or in multiple, twenty minute visits. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay can produce a noticeable improvement and much whiter teeth after just one visit. Based on your preference and personal habits, namely smoking, drinking wine or coffee, or consuming some staining foods, you may need additional treatment to rejuvenate your white smile.

How Long Will The Results Last?

You will leave the office of North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay with much whiter teeth and a brilliant, confident smile. The duration of that radiance and bright shade varies, largely based on whether you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or wine, are on certain medications, consume especially staining foods, and how well you maintain your overall oral health. North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay provides you with an easy-to-use take-home Sinsational Smile whitening pen to help you maintain your white teeth.

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