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At Sinsay Family Dental, Dr. Charmaine Sinsay creates dental crowns that simply blend in. Your friends won’t know which tooth is artificial. More importantly, North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay adheres to advanced techniques and material standards that ensure your dental crown will be durable as well as indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The Purpose of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are natural-looking caps that replace damaged enamel and strengthen compromised teeth. Think of a dental crown as armor for a weakened tooth. Crowns are needed when decay is too extensive for a filling or partial crown (also known as a dental inlay or onlay). Crowns are also necessary when your tooth has been treated for a root canal, a dental bridge is being placed, or to restore a dental implant. A dental crown can also be used for cosmetic reasons, namely to replace chipped, discolored, or misshapen enamel.

North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay believes your oral care is about so much more than a long-lasting, natural-looking dental crown. It’s also about the confidence you feel when you flash a full, natural-looking smile. It’s about the comfort you feel when you’re eating with your friends and family. It’s about the possibilities and opportunities that open when you focus on what’s going on in life, rather than what’s uncomfortable or embarrassing in your mouth. The entire team at Sinsay Family Dental wants to restore your complete confidence and comfort, and in some cases that can be done with a perfect dental crown.

Not all crowns are created equal—far from it. Like houses, dental crowns differ greatly in materials, strength, aesthetics, and function; like houses, the foundation is extremely important. North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay begins by taking the time to expertly prepare the base of your damaged tooth for the dental crown. Your experienced North San Jose cosmetic dentist then select the appropriate material for your unique situation to ensure maximum longevity. Dr. Charmaine Sinsay then works meticulously to ensure your crown has the right natural color and shading, so it looks identical to your other teeth. Finally, your customized dental crown is permanently cemented in place and adjusted to your unique bite. This entire process requires a great deal of knowledge and skill and even greater attention to detail. North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay has spent years perfecting these dental crown techniques, and her patients notice the difference every time they smile.

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