Cosmetic Tooth Bonding North San Jose

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding North San Jose

At Sinsay Family Dental, we can simply and affordably repair chipped teeth, small cracks, uneven spacing, and other cosmetic dental problems with cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding involves adding small amounts of natural-looking material to the voids or cracks in your enamel. This is the same durable material that we use for white, tooth-colored fillings. North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay then finely sculpts this cosmetic bond into the ideal shape, so your teeth look whole and your gaps are filled in. Using a special light for a few seconds, your dentist at Sinsay Family Dental hardens that cosmetic bond, and your smile is restored. The entire cosmetic bonding process takes just minutes at Sinsay Family Dental, and you probably won’t even need an injection. If you’re self-conscious about a few flaws, and are nervous about extensive dental procedures, cosmetic tooth bonding may be the perfect solution to get you a more attractive, well-balanced smile.

The Simplicity of Dental Bonding

Our Sinsay Family Dental patients love cosmetic bonding because it’s fast, easy, painless, affordable, and produces instant results. Thanks to the skills and training of cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay, most patients will not need any anesthesia for cosmetic bonding; that means no needles and no injections! Again, in most cases, the existing tooth does not need to be prepared, meaning no dental drill. The entire cosmetic bonding process at Sinsay Family Dental takes often between just five to thirty minutes, depending on how many flaws and gaps need to be corrected. When you leave Sinsay Family Dental after your cosmetic bonding, you can immediately bite into an apple, enjoy a nice meal, and smile with confidence.

The Quick Bonding Process

Cosmetic bonding is a quick and comfortable procedure. Usually without needing to use an injection or dental drill, North San Jose cosmetic dentist Dr. Charmaine Sinsay will recline you in a dental chair and apply a safe material called composite resin. This is the same high-quality resin used to fill small cavities. Your dentist will select a resin shade that perfectly matches your existing enamel and seamlessly blends in. She will then sculpt this dental bond into the ideal shape to create a flawless and symmetrical appearance. The composite resin is then quickly hardened with a light and polished to bring out its natural luster.

To be eligible for cosmetic tooth bonding at Sinsay Family Dental, your oral health must be relatively good and your teeth must be free of major decay or structural damage.

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